Arisaema flavum
“Yellow Jack in the Pulpit”

I really like this Arisaema because, well, it bears a bright to mid-yellow “flower” as opposed to the much more common green or brown. It’s also adaptable, vigorous & easy to grow & blooms in its first year. Native to China, Arisaema flavum grows to 6”-13” tall with attractive deeply lobed palmate leaves. In late Spring to early Summer, up pop the “flowers” - actually modified leaves (known as spathes) which form a hood over the spadex (flowering part). These are followed by attractive scarlet berries. Grow Arisaemas in rich, well-drained soil in light shade. This one is an easy pot subject but keep moist as they don’t like to dry out. Will go dormant in mid-Summer-Fall here in coastal California. Mid Summer-Spring in colder areas. Tuberous roots.


Shade/Brt. shade
Avg water/Moist
USDA Zones 4b-10a