Salvia lavandulifolia
“Spanish Sage”
“Lavender Sage”

Popular in the scent industry & with gardeners in England, this native Spanish Salvia has yet to be admired by American gardeners. Fairly small, 1.5’ x 1.5’, it forms a low carpet of downy, grayish-white foliage handy for adding texture & sparkle to the dry garden. Blooming for a month or more in Spring to early Summer, its pale lavender 1” blooms held in loose whorls are an amazing hummingbird and insect magnet. With a stronger flavor & aroma than the common garden Sage (S. officinalis), it’s the favorite Sage for cooking in Spain & much used for scented soaps & the like. Drought tolerant but best appearance with an occasional deep watering. Hardy to 20°F.


Avg. water/Dry

USDA Zones 8-10