Leucospermum reflexum ‘Yellow’

Esteemed by many as one of the most spectacular plants in bloom they’ve ever seen! And the good new is... Leucospermum reflexum grows naturally in rocky seeps so does not rot out from summer watering. This extremely rare member of the Proteaceae family is endemic only to the Cedarburg area of South Africa and this yellow form is much rarer still. With strong upright growth habit Leucospermum reflexum will grow to 9’ X 9’, bearing attractive fuzzy dove-gray foliage. Beginning in spring, the flowers appear providing a dazzling display over several months. Often referred to as “fireworks pincushions”, the stunning, clear yellow flowers form numerous radiating, often-incurved “styles”, creating a cup effect. After some time they open out and then droop down. Highly valued as a cut flower- the long stemmed blooms will last 1-2 weeks in a vase. Grows best in sandy loam, so give it excellent drainage with some compost added. After flowering, prune to shape or cut back to ½ size to retain its good looks. Gorgeously dramatic as a specimen for large gardens, it can also be grown in a large container. Hardy to mid-upper 20’s.


Full Sun
Average water
USDA zones 9-11