Cantua buxifolia
"Sacred Flower of the Andes"

Cantua buxifolia"Sacred Flower of the Andes"

Brilliant magenta flowers cover this amazing evergreen shrub in Spring & intermittently throughout the year in temperate climates. Hardy to 20 degrees F with pretty bright green foliage, it grows quickly to a multibranching 6’ x 6’. The 3” long flaring trumpets are held in clusters of twelve or more & display bright blue pollen on the stamens. Adored by hummingbirds! Can be pruned to a shorter size & grown in a large container (15 gal. or larger) or espaliered. It enjoys rich soil (tolerates worse) & a sunny sheltered spot. Native to the Andes. Does not fair well in hot & humid climates.

Cantua buxifolia"Sacred Flower of the Andes"


Avg./ Low Water

USDA Zones 9b-11