Petromarula pinnata
“Cretan Rock Lettuce”
Petromarula pinnata “Cretan Rock Lettuce”Petromarula pinnata “Cretan Rock Lettuce”

The Superstar award goes to this easy, little known drought tolerant Mediterranean rarity. From humble beginnings as an attractive rich green clump of shiny celery-like leaves – 18” across – it transforms itself, usually in its second year into the marvelous plant you see here. Many strong upright spikes densely studded with fascinatingly reflexed lavender blue stars, reaching to 2’ tall, spread to 3’ across. Blooms last up to 3 months in Summer with almost no flowers fading. Now it may or may not die after it’s finished but reliably self-sows – so not to worry. Superb choice for well-drained rock gardens & containers. We give ours some Summer water, compost & good drainage.


Avg.-No Summer Water

drought tolerant

USDA zones 8-10