Aeonium simsii

Aeonium simsii Aeonium simsii

A lovely GROUNDCOVER Aeonium that quickly spreads by pups to form a texturally stunning, bright green, weed-suppressing mat of 8” high & wide red-edged rosettes. In Spring cheerful yellow flowers emerge in large, dense clusters on top of tall, showy red stems attracting bees, butterflies, & much admiration! A beautiful low-water, low-maintenance plant for hillsides, tight spaces, or large containers. Looks very cute cuddling small ornamental boulders. Provide good drainage & some protection from direct afternoon sun in hot, inland areas.

Aeonium simsii

Kelly Kilpatrick

Sun (coast),
Pt. Shade (inland)
Low/Avg. Water

USDA Zones 9-11