Freesia alba

Freesia albaFreesia alba

Exquisitely fragrant! Freesia alba caused a sensation when introduced into cultivation in 1878. Along with Freesia leichteinii, Freesia alba was then used as a parent for the commonly available modern hybrids, but sadly the original fabulous fragrance was greatly diminished. Now you can enjoy this deliciously sweetest of all Freesia species. So easy to grow, and a prolific bloomer Freesias grow during the Fall-Winter season and bloom in Spring. The 1” long blooms are white, often with a purple flush and a yellow mark on the lowest petal. The blooms are held 2-8 per stem and the whole plant reaches to 12” tall and will form a clump about 2’ across. Dormant in summer, they like to go dry but don’t mind a little water now and then. Self sows! From S. Africa. Hardy to 20 degrees.


Full sun-Pt. Shade
No Summer water

USDA Zones 8-11