‘Hot Lips’

Salvia 'Hot Lips'Salvia 'Hot Lips'

Clouds of red & white bicolor blooms appear in abundance practically ALL YEARon this super easy to grow & nearly impossible to killSalvia. Probably our most ornamental “indestructible” plant and THE BEST Salvia for attracting Hummers! It was first grown at San Francisco Botanical Garden from a cutting Richard Turner brought back from Mexico. At times the plant will have all red or all white flowers, but it will always go back to bicolored (it’s straight-curious). Grows to about 2-1/2’ tall to 6’ wide. Probably a sport of Salvia microphylla. Prune hard in late Winter to encourage vigorous growth & continuous blooms. Easy Easy Easy!

Kelly Kilpatrick

Sun/Part shade
Low-Regular water

Perennial Shrub
USDA zone 7-10