Strelitzia juncea
“Bird of Paradise”

So cool! I love the foliage on this “Bird of Paradise.” It has cylindrical, reed-like leaves that grow to about 4’ tall. It is very architectural. The flowers are basically the same as the regular “Bird of Paradise,” which of course everyone knows makes great cut flowers. It is slow growing but very floriferous once it starts blooming. It is a long-lived plant. Native to South Africa, Strelitzia is drought resistant but does adapt well to moister gardens. It likes well-drained soil & give it some compost in Winter to feed it through the next year. It is wind resistant & would grow well in coastal gardens. It makes quite an impact planted in groups but is also very emphatic as a single specimen. Plant in full sun for best profuse flowers. Tolerates light frost. Please note that young leaves look just like a regular Strelizia, but they will become rush like when the plant matures.

Kelly Kilpatrick-Prop.

Low/Avg. Water


USDA Zones 10a-11