Beschorneria yuccoides

Beschorneria yuccoidesBeschorneria yuccoides

photo close up: Karl Gercens III

This gorgeous Yucca-like plant from Mexico has 7’ tall flowering stalks. The stalk & flower are both rosy-red/pink & the flowers have bright green tips. The hummingbirds love them! They often use the stalks as a perch to guard the flowers from any other intruding hummers. This can make for some comical bird antics in the garden. The rosette is made up of pliable, grey-green leaves that have a slightly sandpaper feel to them that I like to rub between my fingers as I pass it in the garden. Each rosette gets to be about 4’ wide. Eventually it will branch at the base to form a cluster of rosettes. Bloom is late Spring. Likes fertile, well-drained soli & is probably hardy to 15 degrees F.

Kelly Kilpatrick-Prop.

Low/Avg. Water


USDA zones 8b-10