Eriocephalus africanus
“Cape Snow Bush”
“Wild Rosemary”

An excellent, evergreen, South African shrub for the dry garden. To 3’ tall & across, it blooms early Winter well into Summer, the whole shrub becoming almost covered with purple-eyed, white flowers, loved by bees. The flowers are followed by fluffy seed heads looking much like cottony wool or snow. Stiffly branching with aromatic needle-like foliage covered with tiny hairs, this bushy shrub displays an overall silvery-grey appearance. Tap-rooted, it’s extremely drought tolerant & prefers well-drained soil, though it does tolerate some clay. Can be lightly pruned to encourage bushiness or trained into a hedge. Beautiful combined with Restios or Melianthus. Commonly used in South Africa for colds & coughs & lots more.

Low/No summer water


USDA zones 9-10