Eriogonum crocatum
“Saffron Buckwheat”

Eriogonum crocatum “Saffron Buckwheat”

A cute little Eriogonum for the front of the border or in a container. Growing to be about 1’ tall & wide, the bright chartreuse-yellow flowers really pop against the felty, silver-grey leaves. The California Native Plant Society lists this plant as an endangered species. Native only to Ventura County, California it is a good nectar source for butterflies & birds eat the seeds. Blooming from Spring through early Summer the flowers age to a nice cinnamon brown. Eriogonum crocatum needs some protection from afternoon sun in inland areas. Tolerates clay soil & gets along on average to low water. No Summer water once established!

Kelly Kilpatrick


Sun/Part Sun
Avg./Low Water


USDA Zones 9a-10b