Impatiens niamniamensis
‘Hare’s Hybrid’

A very rare species of I. niamniamensis, courtesy of Derick Pitman, the world’s foremost supplier for us stage 3 Impatiens addicts. Growing only to around 2’ tall, with a thick, succulent, main stem, I. ‘Hare’s Hybrid’ bears its fascinating blooms almost year around in mild, frost-free climates. The bi-colored, cornucopia shaped blooms are a shiny, intense red with wonderful, curving spurs. The front portion is cream colored, flaring & hooded, centered with a cream stigma. The 1” flowers are held, many to a cluster, below the leaf axils & close to the stem. Frost tender, it can be brought inside as a houseplant in Winter. Best in a container, so you can enjoy it close up. Rich soil is best.


Brt. Shade
Avg. water/Moist


Perennial in USDA zones 10-11