Impatiens sodenii
(syn. oliveri)

Impatiens sodenii (syn. oliveri) ‘Flash’

Another amazing new color form of Impatiens sodenii. The large, 3” or more across, pure white blooms display beautiful, rich rose streaks sweeping out from the center. The blooms appear Spring thru Fall & are held nicely above & outside the rich, green foliage. 4’ to 5’ tall with multi-branching, semi-succulent stems. EASY & fast growing for a bright shade area. Perennial in frost free zones, but self sows readily in colder climates, where it’s grown as an annual. Thanks again to Derick Pitman (“Mr. Impatiens”) for this stunning, new introduction.


A.M. Sun
Avg. water
Perennial in USDA zones 10-11, annual elsewhere.