Oscularia deltoides
(syn: Lampranthus deltoides)

Oscularia deltoides (syn: Lampranthus deltoides)Oscularia deltoides (syn: Lampranthus deltoides)

Wowzer! This has got to be the most intensely blooming succulent we’ve ever grown and it’s exceptionally beauteous in every way! Speedily spreading into a 10” x 3’ dense ground-covering mat, its unusual bluish-silver foliage gives it a stand-out appeal even when it’s not in total magnificent bloom. Foliage smothering does not even begin to describe the explosion of 1” lavender-pink daisy-like blooms. Plant it to cascade over the edge of a bed or large container. Attracts butterflies. Deer resistant! Spring blooming.


Sun/Pt. Sun
Low/Avg. water

USDA zones 8b-11