Stevia rebaudiana
“Sweet Honey Leaf”

Said to be 100-200 times sweeter than cane sugar, the dried leaves of this native of Brazil & Paraguay are used extensively in Japan & other countries where artificial sweeteners are banned. Usually grown as an annual, it’s been reported to over-winter & behave as a deciduous perennial in zones 8a - 11. Stevia makes a multi-branching plant with good sized, fresh green leaves & non-showy, white flowers. Pinching it back makes it much bushier. Full sun & good soil & regular watering area must. The plant has so many important uses, including treatment of diabetes, hypoglycemia, candida, high blood pressure & IT’S CALORIE FREE! Three fresh leaves are all you need to sweeten hot tea or coffee. Tons more information is available on the internet. To 2-3' high & wide.

Moist Water

USDA Zones 8a-11,
Annual Elsewhere