"Hybrid Rose"

Rosa ‘Lyda’
Rosa ‘Lyda’

One year I visited a rose gardener in Corallitos named Kleine Lettunich. Her garden is quite wonderful and her breeding efforts (mainly by keeping an eye on volunteer roses coming up in her yard) have produced some very nice roses. ‘Lyda’ is one of them. It is nice and compact, growing to 3-4’. The first year I planted it in sun and it was very disappointing, the colors all washed out. But when I replanted it in the shade, it suddenly developed the nice pink and red edges. A good shade rose is hard to find, but this is it. It blooms continuously, has been completely free of diseases, does not appear to need any additional water and has very pleasant light honey scent just as it opens. I highly recommend it.

Anni J

Rosa ‘Lyda’
Pt. Sun/Shade
Average Water

USDA Zones 5-10