Eriogonum parishii
“Desert Mist”

eriogonum parishii "Desert Mist"eriogonum parishii "Desert Mist"

From the Sierra Nevada to Southwestern California, this rare annual “Buckwheat” is both beautiful & interesting. Forming a low, basal rosette of red foliage, “Desert Mist” is topped by a cloud-like mass of thread like, branching stems bearing small, red flowers from July to September. As the inflorescense ages, it resembles a puff of red smoke or a feathery, skeletal mass which later breaks off & pops around like tumbleweed. Its natural environment is hot & arid & it is found growing on sandy, granite soil. So, give it good drainage, water some to establish & let it go dry thereafter. If it’s happy, it should reseed.

Dry/No Summer water


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