Dudleya traskiae
“Santa Barbara Liveforever”

Dudleya traskiae

Almost lost to extinction, “Santa Barbara Liveforever” was practically resurrected from a few stumps left on the 1 square mile off Catalina in 1975. Endemic to this one island, introduced rabbits nearly annihilated them. Now, thanks to the National Park Service, there are several small populations, though it will probably remain on the endangered list. Dudleya traskiae forms a dense rosette of pointed, blue gray, succulent leaves. The yellow flower heads are held in clusters atop tick, upright, showy, red stems. Its native habitat is hot, dry, rocky slopes, so it will need sun & good to excellent drainage. No Summer water once established. To 6" high and 6-12" wide.


Due to Federal regulations we cannot sell this plant outside of California.

Dudleya traskiae rosette

Low-Avg. Water

USDA Zones 9-11

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