Brugmansia sanguinea
“Scarlet Angel’s Trumpet”

Brugmansia sanguinea “Scarlet Angel’s Trumpet”Brugmansia sanguinea “Scarlet Angel’s Trumpet”

photos: Far Out Flora

The most spectacular flower display of the genus! So lucky for us, we here in Northern California’s coastal areas have the perfect climate to grow it in, as it requires cool summer & cooler nights to bloom. A small tree, 6-8' tall, it makes an extraordinary display in late Spring through Summer. Pendulous, recurved, scarlet to orange, 8", tubular "trumpets" with yellow sides are borne in abundance - up to 40 at a time. Care: Brugmansia sanguinea likes rich, moist soil. It doesn't like to dry out & will drop leaves if it does. A heavy feeder, too. Do fertilize & top dress with compost every so often. These are seed grown plants, & the occasional individual may turn out to be yellow!


Please note: All plant parts are poisonous.

Pt. Sun-Brt. Shade


USDA Zones 9-10