Leycesteria formosa
“Himalayan Honeysuckle”

Leycesteria formosa "Himalayan Honeysuckle"Leycesteria formosa "Himalayan Honeysuckle"

Rarely seen, everyone's impressed the first time they come across this robust, exotic looking shrub bearing these divine flower-heads at the end of every stem. Lightly scented white bell-shaped blooms spring from incredibly showy beet-red bracts hanging in pagoda-like chains to 6" long. Blooms for a worthwhile season – Summer thru Fall. Bright magenta berries follow and are adored by birdies. EASY and fast, it quickly creates a dense upright 6' x 6' form clothed in handsome heart-shaped leaves. Superb as a specimen, background shrub, for filling in corners and growing beneath trees. Combine with dark-foliaged shrubs for extra kicks. Prettiest with an annual side-dress of compost. Cut back to 6" in Fall.


Avg./Low Water

Perennial shrub
USDA Zones 7-10