Melianthus major
“Honey Bush”
Melianthus major “Honey Bush”Melianthus major “Honey Bush”

Quite the dramatic & tropical looking accent plant, “Honey Bush” is prized for its large & luxuriant, serrated, blue-grey leaves. The 1’ tall, upright, chocolate brown flower spikes are fascinating & appear in late Winter & early Spring. A quick grower, this South African native can shoot up to 10’ tall in rich soil & can get rather unruly in the garden. If your soil is poor, it will stay at about 5’ - 6’ tall or you can cut the stems back in early Spring before new growth begins. Melianthus major is evergreen & hardy down to 23 degrees F. The foliage is scented of hazelnut & is long lasting in arrangements.


 Sun/Pt. Shade
Avg - Low Water 

USDA zones 9-11

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