Aloe dichotoma
“Tree Aloe”
“Quiver Tree”

How fabulous can you get? One of the largest Aloes, the beautiful & distinctive “Aloe Tree” is well known & a common garden feature in South Africa. Usually growing up to 12’ or 15’ tall, it forms a single trunk branching out into a densely rounded crown at maturity, displaying terminal rosettes of blue-green leaves. The branches are smooth & covered with a thin layer of whitish powder to deflect the sun’s rays. The bark forms beautiful (but razor sharp!) golden brown scales. Bright yellow flower spikes appear December & January. “Aloe Tree” is hardy to 23 degrees F & it’s said to be a good idea to wrap its trunk below 28 degrees F. It loves intense heat & fast drainage – especially along the California coast where it’s foggy. Excellent in a hot, dry, rock garden & superb in a large container. Fire-retardant!

Sun - Pt. Shade
Low - No Summer Water


USDA zones 9A-11

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