Impatiens arguta

Impatiens argutaImpatiens arguta

Hardly a tougher Impatiens can be had! Cold hardy and long blooming, we've witnessed established plants of this species grow to 4' wide in DRY SHADE. No lie! It's that tough. It also has super-fancy trumpet-like bluish flowers with a curious asymmetry. Fabulous in a hanging basket, especially because the flowers are generally found below the stems and this provides a closer view. Described as being very cold hardy and it's definitely taken brutal frosts here, but we aren't sure exactly how much cold it can survive. Blooms a LONG TIME - late Spring through Fall. Leaves are long and shallowly serrated and show nicely against the plant's licorice red stems. Grows up to 4' wide and around 2' high. From Nepal!


Part Sun/Full Shade
Average Water

USDA zones 8-11