Lupinus regalis
‘Morello Cherry’

Lupins regalis Morello Cherry Lupins regalis Morello Cherry

Most of us here along the Coast have never been able to keep alive the “Regal Lupines” (polyphyllus), commonly available in 6-packs in Spring. When we got a hold of the seed for ‘Morello Cherry’ Lupine, I had a feeling it was different and would prosper here. Seed propagator Anni Jensen strongly suggested we hold it back, making sure it would not succumb to mildew and rust. I got to have my chuckle when it not only thrived, but produced the most beautiful, 16”, perfectly erect spikes of large, cherry red blooms. It grew almost 3’ tall, branched out and bloomed all Summer! Don’t miss it, kids - it’s a winner!


Average Water

USDA Zones 4-10