Asclepias curassavica
“Bloodflower”/ “Mexican Milkweed”

Asclepias curassavica “Bloodflower”/ “Mexican Milkweed”Asclepias curassavica “Bloodflower”/ “Mexican Milkweed”

A MUST for any habitat garden -growing to 4’ tall & wide, it’s colorful, beautiful & EASY- plus a source of nectar for beneficial insects & a critical larval food source for our beloved Monarchs.Evergreen & shrubby. Bold red-orange & yellow flowers bloom throughout the year!Reseeds for freebies! Aphids are attracted to this plant, but don’t seem to harm its health & can be blasted off with water. Poor soil is okay with good drainage!

*Due to CA agricultural regulations, we’re required to treat Asclepias plants with BT, a non-toxic, naturally occurring biological larvicide, to help combat the Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM). Effects last only 1 week after application.

**To protect Monarchs from disease, cut back your Asclepias currasavica in late Fall. This will also promote a healthier plant next season.

Claire Woods

Pt.Sun/Full Sun

USDA Zones 8-11