Verbascum nigrum
“Dark Mullein”

Verbascum nigrum “Dark Mullein”

Supertough & a long-lived perennial, this carefree Verbascum provides a sunny yellow accent wherever she grows. Returning reliably each Spring, it pushed up bunches of bright lemon yellow “candelabra” spikes beautifully contrasted with fuzzy vivid purple stamens. The spikes last about a month & if you cut them back when they’re finished, new ones will pop right back up until Fall. Nice sturdy foliar rosette, too. Not fussy about soil & highly drought tolerant, it’s deer & snail resistant, too! To 2’-3’ tall & 2’ across.

Verbascum nigrum “Dark Mullein”Verbascum nigrum “Dark Mullein”



Full Sun
Low/Avg Water
deer resistantdrought tolerant

USDA Zones 5-10