Stylophorum lasiocarpum
“Chinese Celandine Poppy”
“Human Bloodwort”

Stylophorum lasiocarpum “Chinese Celandine Poppy” “Human Bloodwort”Stylophorum lasiocarpum “Chinese Celandine Poppy” “Human Bloodwort”

This lovely & long blooming perennial poppy, is also extremely useful as it grows in shade, EVEN DRY SHADE! Producing a long succession (late Spring thru Summer) of bright yellow four-petaled flowers, it’s super easy to grow, heat tolerant & even tolerates clay. Beautiful soft leaves form very attractive mounds to 18” tall & wide. The silver-haired, stiffly upright seed capsules are very interesting, too. This is a good plant for that dry shade corner you never feel like watering! Reseeds!


Avg./Low water    

USDA zones 7-10